Patio and Garden

Maintenance Services

Seasonal Cleanups - removing all leaves and debris from your property.

Lawn Mowing - lawn cutting, edge trimming and clearing of walkways and driveway.

Mulching - weeding, edging and mulching landscape beds.

Shrub Trimming/Pruning - trimming/pruning all desired shrubs and removing clippings.

Lawn Fertilizing - a full fertilizer program applied by licensed technicians.

Lawn Dethatching - removing debris from the soil surface, allowing for a thicker lawn.

Lawn Aeration - loosening soil so that grass roots grow freely and allowing air, water and fertilizer to penetrate.

Lawn Overseeding - keeping your lawn thick and green by filling in thin or bare spots.

Monthly Maintenance - a complete maintenance service for the homeowner which includes, but is not limited to, weeding landscape beds, pruning shrubs, raking to freshen mulch, edging garden beds, fertilizing lawns, overseeding of bare spots in lawns and removing debris from property.